Brewing & Beverage

Brewing and Beverage
Typical 10,000 ltr Single Skin CIP Tank

Working for many years alongside big brand names such as Carlsberg and Marston’s PLC, EPE has gained wealth of industry knowledge and experience of the brewing and beverage environment.

Coupled to our on-site pipework installations and shutdown work for most of the major brewing companies within the UK. EPE also offer a full range of tanks/vessels and platform fabrications from our workshop facility.

From micro brewing to mainstream suppliers EPE can tailor their offering to suit almost any brewing and beverage application.

132 Concentrate Storage Tanks


Modifications to 132 concentrate storage tanks for a leading cider producer.  Pre-owned tanks were refurbished by EPE in order to suit the client’s new process.

This work included additional bottom dish end gusset supports and new adjustable feet assemblies along with the inclusion of new inlets and outlets.

The work was carried out on the client’s site with fully qualified trades people. Following the tank modifications EPE were awarded the associated pipe work contract.



Tank Fences, Pipework Manifolds and Tanker Bay

Client: Beverage company


Working on site for a major beverage company EPE manufactured various tank fences and pipework manifolds along with the completion of a new tanker bay.



Yeast Tank Plant

Client: Banks Brewery, Wolverhampton


The image above shows the arrival of a recently completed Yeast Tank Plant for Banks Brewery in Wolverhampton. A complete road closure was co-ordinated with the local council to aid the offloading and ingress of 11 Yeast Tanks.


A crane was operated from the road as the only access into the building was via a second floor access door way.


Once in the room, all the tanks were placed insitu, lined and levelled working alongside Speedrite International Ltd.


Flash Pasteuriser

Client: Sweetwater Brewing Company, USA


Upon request from our client, Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, EPE sourced a pre-owned flash pasteuriser from a UK brewer.

In partnership with Speedrite International and Frederick Smith Electrical, EPE coordinated the tagging, dismantle and shipping of the plant.

Upon the arrival of the plant in the USA, EPE was responsible for the re-installation of the plant at Sweetwater’s brewing facility.

Refurbished Liquor Tanks

Refurbished Liquor Tanks

Refurbished liquor tanks for a large project management company using a full design and calculation package. Support legs were replaced along with various modifications. Once complete the vessels were clad and insulated and access platforms were added.

The work was completed in our purpose built facility and was delivered to the end user site on time.


Refurbished Liquor Tanks


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